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Program offered by HYCA Development Services, LLC
A licensed real estate
broker in Texas.


Will Lease-To-Own Save Me Money?
You May Save Significantly With Lease-To-Own vs. Renting:
Within just a year or two after beginning the lease-to-own program, your typical savings may be significant. Just look at this chart that compares the estimated costs of renting a 2-bedroom apartment versus leasing to own a 3-bedroom home:

Total Years
Rent 2-Bedroom Apartment
3-Bedroom $100k Home

Financial Advantage With Lease-to-Own
Versus Renting

Total Cost
To Rent
Total Cost
To Own


Tax Benefit
5 Years
You May Save
Over 5 Years!
10 Years
You May Save
Over 10 Years!
20 Years $292,104 $189,274 $213,640 $47,523 You May Save
Over 20 Years!
30 Years
You May Save
Over 30 Years!

*All figures are estimates and are subject to change. Click here for details.

How Much Will My Lease Payment Cost?
The amount you will pay during the 18-month lease period will vary depending on the home you choose, and the fair market rent for the area. Only after you apply and choose a home, can your counselor give you an accurate estimate of your lease payment. But to see some estimated ranges of the lease payments for this program, read our FAQs about lease payments.

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